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Tabulations are based on an exit poll averaging at least 300 filmgoers per movie. Viewers rate the movie between 1 and 4 stars. "Audience Approval" is the percent who gave the film either 3 1/2 or 4 stars.


"Blade" isn't just another vampire movie. It's a vampire movie that is based on a comic book. Vampire nabob Frost (Stephen Dorff) intends to subjugate mankind and thus create, in effect, a giant deli for his brethren. Only superhero Wesley Snipes stands in the way.

Snipes is a vampire paradox. Born of both human and demon parents, he possesses powers from both sides of the aisle. Raised by Kris Kristofferson to destroy the vermin vampires, he wields a sword of ponderous size and power to that end (much to the delight of moviegoers weary of commonplace bloody slayings).

Comic-book adaptations seldom score well with moviegoers. Even the "Batman" series recorded approval ratings far below average.

But "Blade" uses imagery and action rather than being driven by them. Or maybe viewers just like a good vampire movie. Whatever the reason, this one is worth seeing.

Viewers said: "His martial-arts techniques were excellent," "The action was as good as it gets, and the acting made it even better. Overly bloody though," and "Probably one of the better action films of the year." (Buffalo News Critic Richard Huntington: "In this silly comic book fantasy, vampires come in good and evil varieties, with Wesley Snipes as the half-human, half-vampire Blade on a mission to dispatch those really nasty vampires who want to annihilate humanity. The overarmed hero spends most of the movie whacking, shooting, slicing, impaling, frying, melting and exploding his enemies." He gave it 2 of 5 stars.)


"Dance With Me": Dance instructor and single parent Vanessa Williams is preparing for the World Latin Dance Championship but is having problems with her partner. Enter Chayanne (a genuine Puerto Rican singing star), who is visiting Texas to see his departed mom's friend, dance-studio owner Kris Kristofferson. This movie is predictable, but it's redeemed by charm and romance.

Viewers said: "Nice and fun," "If you like music and dance, this film is perfect," and "Graceful. It had a good romance with dancing thrown in as a bonus." (Buffalo News Reviewer Nicole Peradotto: "Ruby choreographs her every flick of the wrist. Rafael lets the music move him. Will these mismatched dancers ever get in step and find true love? Take one guess. You'd need shoe prints guiding the way to make 'Dance With Me' any more predictable." She gave it 2 1/2 stars.)

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