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Why does President Clinton owe the country an apology for his private affair with Monica Lewinsky?

Isn't this the same country that allows porno theaters and smut bookstores in almost every neighborhood? Doesn't it allow trash television programs on numerous channels during prime time, rotten song lyrics to be played on any radio station, sexually explicit scenes in almost every movie out of Hollywood -- not to mention the filthy language and violence, strip bars and all other kinds of smut and trash across the nation?

It seems to me those in office who legalize this garbage, and those of us who patronize it all to keep it going, are the ones who owe the country an apology.

What President Clinton did was wrong, but it was private and kept out of the public eye. That is, until Kenneth and Linda came along. The only ones offended by President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky were his family and God. They are the only ones he owes an apology to.

Ron Solomon Cheektowaga

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