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In one of its more empty bits of puffery, The News dismisses President Clinton's being brought to bay with an ersatz nonchalance: "The president clears the air."

Would that he had the power!

Rather than clearing the air he befouled in the first place, Clinton only muddied the waters. His sack-cloth-and-ashes soliloquy was more of the same old Clinton: arrogant defiance and his usual artifice of blaming others for his woes.

Conspicuous by its absence was any semblance of an apology, not even to poor, deluded, long-suffering Hillary. He does not express sorrow for his deeds, but does "regret" that he misled "even my wife." Dissembler that he is, he should be aware that his sin lies not in the misleading but in betraying.

The lawyer in Clinton simply cannot be submerged, which may account for his lack of tears. His entire lament is encapsulated in the legalese the Clinton gang wields like a switchblade knife: "My answers were legally accurate, I did not volunteer information." In that statement we find why Clinton has cleared no air at all.

The News also insists on referring to this rotter's escapade as "primarily a private affair." Clinton's transgression was not the boiling of erotic blood, but rather what will prove to be perjury, subordination of perjury and obstruction of justice. The last round is yet to be fired.

Alfred B. Wright Buffalo

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