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Woodlawn Beach is closed because of poor water quality numerous times throughout the summer. But what about the water quality at the public boat launch at the foot of Ontario Street?

On a recent outing to the Niagara River with my wife and kids, an attempt to launch my boat proved to be an education in sex and sewage: Seaweed 5 feet high, logs, garbage, condoms and what appeared to be raw sewage were floating next to the docks.

Launching a boat was impossible.

Not only is this disgusting, especially when I see people swimming there, but it is also an unbelievable health hazard. The bathrooms are rarely open and when they are they are out of order.

With our summers in Buffalo so very short, I would think the city would like to keep these areas safe and clean. All one has to do is go to the Tonawanda docks at the foot of Sheridan Drive to see how pleasant a day on the river can be.

Thomas R.Chiaramonte East Amherst

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