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All the deceit and coverup aside, I've heard a number of people, including Bill Clinton himself, referring to his acknowledged sexual encounters with Monica Lewinsky as a "personal" affair.

Let me assure you that Bill Clinton's administration has strictly enforced sexual misconduct regulations in the federal government. If any federal government manager, or any military commanding officer were to partake in sex in their office with a subordinate, and in particular a young intern, they would certainly be removed from their position, and probably court-martialed or fired -- depending on whether they traded the sex for favors.

These regulations are not old-fashioned or archaic. They exist in a very real world, where such conduct can easily lead to blackmail, paternalism, unfair treatment, abuse and breaches in security. Doesn't it bother anyone that Ms. Lewinsky was "awarded" a position at the Pentagon?

This president has lost all integrity. He must be removed from office.

Paul Denny Lyndonville

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