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Here are some tips from the Bills' table:

Work with familiar foods. Instead of cheeseburgers, nutritionist Phyllis Carriere serves turkey burgers. She has replaced white pancakes with a buckwheat recipe, and maple syrup with fruit syrup. "Now they have their B vitamins, and they're getting the fiber they need. Do they know they're eating whole-wheat pancakes?" she laughs mischievously. "Probably not."

Avoid no-fat products. Most enter and exit the bloodstream quickly. As a result, they don't satisfy hunger pangs.

Be persistent. When Ms. Carriere switched from sweetened yogurt to plain, unsweetened yogurt on a fresh fruit tray, the players "kind of looked at it for a month and complained." Eventually they began sampling it. Now it's one of the most popular items at the buffet.

Eat food the way nature made it. Are you eating a lot of processed products with ingredients you can't pronounce? Chances are you're eating less natural food.

No need to trumpet the tofu pasta. When it comes to changing ingredients, discretion can go a long way toward acceptance. If you make a big deal about the fact that you cut the Caesar salad dressing with chicken broth instead of oil, you're asking for resistance.

-- Nicole Peradotto

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