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Congress and several independent counsels have been forced to spend a great deal of time and resources investigating the repeated abuses of office that have occurred during the Clinton presidency.

Our country is now left with a constantly distracted leader who enjoys no respect abroad, no trust at home and has a seriously diminished ability to govern.

This situation poses a grave danger to the safety and prosperity of our country and to our national security. It must not be allowed to continue.

There are those who argue that partisan interest will be best served if we allow a crippled president to flounder in office. However, as an American who cares about this country, I cannot stand idly by while our system of government is damaged by a president slowly twisting in the wind for the remainder of his term.

The only constitutional way to address the crisis we now face is with the impeachment process.

A House resolution has been introduced to begin an impeachment inquiry. I urge the Americans to take the bold and honorable step of supporting this legislation.

An impeachment inquiry is the only way to begin the process of putting this entire sordid matter behind us. If the president is truly innocent, impeachment hearings will provide him with an opportunity to make his case publicly to Congress and the nation. If the president has committed impeachable conduct, an inquiry will be the first step toward removing him from office and repairing the damage to our nation; a process that ought to be, and would be, handled fairly and expeditiously by the House Judiciary Committee.

Virginia A. Centner Cheektowaga

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