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Don't be surprised if skater Michelle Kwan shows up in more TV specials and commercials. She was recently named second among the 20 most-marketable female athletes by the Sports Business Daily. (Soccer's Mia Hamm was first, tennis star Venus Williams was third, and skater Tara Lipinski was fourth.) Some experts say Kwan became more appealing after missing Olympic gold because it made her seem more human and she handled it with such grace.

Having trouble getting to sleep? Late-night reading can help make you drowsy, or at least keep you from tossing and turning. Try the palm-sized, snake-beam Book Light ($12 at Borders) that wraps up to be just 2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. Clip it to a book cover or curl it under your covers. Or use the time to compose your thoughts.

Ever wish you could watch a big-time rock band create its next big-time record? Now you can, thanks to the ever-cool Live, which is Webcasting the making of its new disc, live on the Internet.

The band is in a Los Angeles recording studio, where it has a camera beaming live images all day, everyday over the group's official Web site ( Check out photos, listen to fresh audio clips and talk to band members in special chat sessions scheduled daily.

Live hopes to have the new record out by the middle of next year. U2 was the first major band to Webcast from the studio when it set up a camera to show people the making of 1997's "Pop."

Leonardo DiCaprio recently quietly visited Sang Lan, the Chinese gymnast who was paralyzed at the Goodwill Games, in the New York hospital where she was recovering. Good move, Leo.

Do your parents want your respect? Tiger Woods' dad, Earl, has a message for them: Earn it by listening. "It's surprising how infrequently parents listen to their kids," the golf superstar's father said recently at a Detroit church. Meanwhile, Tiger gave golf tips to about 125 kids in the area -- and we hope those kids were listening!

Teen People asked some celebrities how they beat the heat. Missy Elliott ("Supa Dupa Fly"): "Driving my Mercedes around with the top down."

Fiona Apple ("Tidal"): "An air conditioner."

Laurie Fortier ("Push"): "Dr. Pepper on the rocks."

Minnie Driver ("Good Will Hunting"): "A Jill Stuart flowery dress that you can't see your underwear through."

Brad Rowe ("NewsRadio"): "Iced tea and bratwurst with sauerkraut."

Adrienne Frantz ("The Bold and the Beautiful"): "Shade. I don't like being in the sun too long."

We wanted to dial up 5683 ("love") when we spied some great new glosses in clip-on beeper-style cases. Lickety Stix Double Gloss sets by Jane come in flavorful duos such as Soda Jerks (cola and root beer), Mint Mania (spearmint and peppermint) and Melon Ball (watermelon and cantaloupe). Find for about $3 at cosmetics stores.

"I'm really going to miss all the laughs."

-- Jonathan Taylor Thomas in his statement announcing he's leaving "Home Improvement." He says he wants to focus on his education. You can still see JTT in next season's first two episodes and in a holiday-themed December show.

-- Knight Ridder

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