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I watched Bill Clinton's so-called apology. Instead of sincere contrition, I witnessed the usual carefully worded and rehearsed speech we have heard many times before from this president.

What really appalled me was his blaming Ken Starr for his troubles. Whatever happened to "The buck stops here"?

Clinton had sex with a woman less than half his age, then in January lied about it to Ken Starr, his friends, family and the American people. Who sounds more credible now, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey or Bill Clinton?

His excuse was that this was a private affair between two consenting adults. As a federal worker, that infuriates me. He had sex with her in or around the Oval Office, which is maintained by the hard-earned dollars of taxpayers and is intended for affairs of state, not sexual affairs. He then allowed Monica Lewinsky to risk prison by perjuring herself to protect him. Remember: Lewinsky was a government employee at the time.

Our office routinely has student interns for training. Over the years, there have been many females aged 17 to 21. Any improper conduct from us would result in consequences from a severe reprimand to dismissal. Sex in the office would be a no-brainer. Your career would be over.

What does this reveal about someone who would commit this act while under investigation? Are there any Clinton defenders out there who would trust him with their daughters?

Is it unreasonable to ask that a U.S. president be held to the same standards as any other federal worker?

Charles H. Tingley Buffalo

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