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I need help. Last year I became best friends with a new guy in my school. We fell in love with each other.

Then this year, he became popular and ditched me. He tells my friends he likes me and wants to ask me out. But his friends will make fun of him if he does. When I ask him if he likes me, he won't give me a straight answer. Can you help me?

Dear Confused,

Just because someone becomes a little bit more popular than you, all of a sudden you are supposed to bow down and pray to them. After all, they are more popular than you! Um . . . no.

It really sounds like this guy is just playing with your heart and mind. He tells you one thing and your friends another? Please, that's just being cruel to you and your heart.

It also seems like he's too chicken to stand up to his new friends. If he's afraid of getting laughed at just for going out with you, he's lacking guts. Yes, when you make new friends you usually want to keep them, but is it worth giving up part of yourself?

He seems like he's kind of immature, too. He can't even give you a straight answer to your face. He can't give your friends a straight answer. He can't even stand up to his friends.

My advice to you? Tell him and his friends to go play in traffic and find yourself a different guy.

Got a problem? Write to Megan in care of NeXt, The Buffalo News, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, N.Y. 14240.

Megan is really Lauren Richardson, who will be a junior at West Seneca East Senior High School.

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