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Predictably, the conservative media and politicos had a field day after President Clinton's speech. George Will, Cal Thomas, Rush Limbaugh, Dan Quayle and, locally, WGR radio have all piled on with zeal in attempts to destroy this man.

As vitriolic as their attacks have been, nothing was more shocking than Pat Robertson's assault. While castigating President Clinton, Robertson apparently felt it necessary to bring up the president's brother's past problems with drugs by saying that ". . . his brother sells cocaine."

Was this necessary? Of course not. But religious ultra-conservatives like Robertson love to judge and punish. And who do they judge and punish? Anyone who does not agree with their political agenda. That's really the bottom line. Conservatives will lie over and over again about how it is about morality and family values, but it is really about using the imperfections of someone's private life for personal and political gain.

This is not about sex or lying about sex. This is about "getting" the president because of fundamental disagreements with his public policies and because there are conservative elements that simply want to destroy him and his wife.

God have mercy on these unprincipled manipulators of truth.

Conrad Sundol Amherst

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