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Finally we at least have a partial truth, but only because Bill Clinton was forced to. Otherwise, he would have continued in these and other lies. He lied about his adulterous relationship with Gennifer Flowers. What about Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey?

In his defiant speech, Clinton acknowledged that he lied about his adulterous relationships with Monica Lewinsky. He never said he was sorry. He only regretted it -- in reality, regretted that he was caught. There was no remorse, only anger and defiance. You could see in his eyes, manner and tone. All directed at Kenneth Starr, who was doing the job he was hired to do.

If Clinton had told the truth four years ago, beginning with Whitewater, we would not have this "four years and $40 million." His motivation to lie was selfish: to protect himself. Not Hillary, not Chelsea and not the presidency.

He made a joke of the office he holds and our country. His credibility as our country's leader and world leader is gone.

Denise Biddle Buffalo

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