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Residents applauded Monday night after the Depew Village Board approved stop signs at the intersection of Buchanan Street and Ledyard Avenue.

About six people spoke in favor of putting the signs at all four corners during a public hearing held before the vote, saying it would force motorists to slow down.

The board's decision goes against the advice of the Depew police chief and a traffic study.

"I recommend you deny the request for stop signs on Ledyard Avenue," wrote Chief James A. Brennan in a letter to the Village Board. "Not only is this request not warranted, but it would interfere with the smooth traffic flow on Ledyard, which is also an important factor in traffic safety."

During the traffic study, police officers using radar to measure the speed of traffic at different times during a week. The study found:

Most motorists drove 30 mph, the speed limit.

The fastest car clocked at 42 mph.

Since 1996, there have been two accidents on Ledyard, with no one injured.

The traffic flow is heavier than on comparable streets in Depew. Drivers use the street as a shortcut to get from Walden Avenue to northern Depew.

However, residents didn't care what the study showed, and let board members know it.

"There have been so many accidents people haven't reported," said Linda A. Szymanski, who lives on Ledyard. "My daughter just turned 12 years old and she still asks me to cross the street with her. It's that dangerous."

Another resident, Jacki M. Federowicz, also complained that motorists are going too fast. Last May, a her parked car was hit and shoved into her driveway where her children were playing a short time earlier.

"My car was totaled on the street," Mrs. Federowicz said. "I park on my lawn now."

"A stop sign isn't going to stop a lady who wasn't paying attention and hit a parked car," Chief Brennan countered. "I understand their concerns, but a stop sign won't fix their problems."

Only Trustee John M. Fragale voted against installing the stop signs.

"I'm in agreement with the police chief," he said. "The traffic study just didn't support a stop sign."

In other matters, the board:

Enacted an ordinance prohibiting heavy construction equipment from operating within 200 feet of residential areas from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Monday through Saturday. Construction also is prohibited on Sundays and holidays celebrated by the village.

The law is in response to of South Creek Drive residents, who complained about a nearby construction project. Until now, construction could occur from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.

Announced a public hearing will be held Sept. 14 on whether to ban trains from blowing their horns while passing through the village.

Granted membership in West End Hose Company No. 6 to Curtis L. Marranca of Dean Road.

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