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At the request of Schools Superintendent John H. George, the North Tonawanda Board of Education will meet Sept. 2 to discuss district needs with an architect.

A building status study has been submitted by architect Thomas R. Moscati.

It includes health and safety needs, energy levels, interior and exterior reconstruction work, facilities for the physically handicapped at the North Tonawanda High School, the district's two middle schools and six elementary schools, the district administration building and transportation maintenance building.

Besides various building access facilities for the handicapped, and electrical and plumbing work, some of the needs cited by Moscati are:

Senior High School -- replacement of all fire doors; replacement of all windows, with the exception of the cafeteria; replacement of all exterior doors; new window blinds throughout the school; remodeling of the lavatories; remodeling of old third floor science rooms to standard classrooms; remodeling of cafeteria and library; replacement of public address system, exterior phone system, and cable TV access, and exterior reconstruction and repair work.

Lowry Middle School -- installation of railings at several locations; replacement of wiring; additional smoke detectors; replacement of all exterior doors; remodeling auditorium and cafeteria; cleaning of all exterior brick and stone surfaces; replacement of damaged concrete sidewalks; replacement of communication systems.

Reszel Middle School -- update fire alarm system; replace all windows and exterior doors; replace PA, phone and cable TV access; replace damaged concrete curbs and sidewalks; resurface drives and parking areas; topsoil and regrade athletic fields.

Drake Elementary -- replace roof; lighting repairs.

Gilmore Elementary -- replace sidewalks at entry doors; add smoke detectors; replace all window blinds; refinish or replace gym floor; upgrade or replace sound systems in gym and cafeteria; replace cable TV access, external phone system and public-address system; expand and resurface parking areas.

Grant Elementary -- add smoke detectors; replace exterior doors, cable TV access, external phone system and PA system; roof replacement on old portion of facility; resurface existing blacktop areas; replace concrete walk and curb on east side.

Meadow Elementary -- provide guardrail or other vehicle barrier for playground on front lawn; replace all exterior doors; convert old girls locker room to an instrumental music room; replace ceiling in cafeteria, and communication systems.

Ohio Elementary -- provide new exterior lighting; additional electrical power in each classroom, replace wiring, PA system, cable TV access and exterior phone system; resurface bicycle parking lot and play area; replace damaged curbs and sidewalks.

Spruce Elementary -- replace damaged sidewalk outside kindergarten wing; refinish or replace gym floor; renovate and remodel auditorium; replace communication systems; replace or repair entire roof; replace damaged sidewalks. The architect said additional parking area is needed.

Administration building -- replace office exterior wall, heating, ventilation and air conditioning units; replace entire roof.

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