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In an Aug. 12 News article, "Cook demands Reynolds air facts on pension," I was reassured to see the word "insulting" in a quote from Bill Cook. That's exactly how I felt -- insulted -- when news of Thomas Reynolds' future windfall was made public.

As a retired Tier 1 New York State employee with over 34 years of honest service -- though only a lowly secretary -- I feel Reynolds' acceptance of this additional $13,000 per year to his already generous vested retirement plan as a Tier 2 employee is an insult to every past and present state employee.

Why is it going to take so long to get together the necessary documentation showing he is a valid Tier 1 employee? Certainly payroll records in Albany contain that information and it would be easily accessible to him. So it was 25 years ago. My starting year was 1962 and all it took was one phone call to get the exact date.

Why was it necessary to give Reynolds until Dec. 31 to provide proof of his employment date? Perhaps it's because by then the furor will have died down and the transfer to Tier 1 will go through without any more attention.

Reynolds has lost my vote. I spent years earning my Tier 1 retirement and he's getting it on a silver platter from his friends, including Gov. Pataki, in Albany. As they say, "it's who you know."

Ann Bean Sardinia

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