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I am writing in regard to the Aug. 15 News article, "Time out for prayer." I agree with the Rev. Al Warner concerning the need for religious education in the school system, which sadly has ceased to exist over the last 30 years. Surprisingly, the state has permitted the one-hour-a-week release time for religious education, and yet the school system has permitted this opportunity to fall by the wayside.

Is it any wonder that we are being deluged with foul language, drug abuse and the use of weapons by our youngsters? Unfortunately, many children haven't learned right from wrong, and now we as a society are reaping what we have sown. Indifference in youngsters stems from gnarled roots in their development.

It is never too late to instill moral attributes and brotherly love and respect in our offspring. We must get back to our grass-roots. America was founded on religious principles. Getting back to God may be the answer.

Doris V. Neumann Buffalo

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