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Newsman Mike Wallace has stared down world leaders and warlords. It took a 23-year-old female baseball pitcher to intimidate him.

Wallace was in town for a "60 Minutes" story about Ila Borders, the first woman to win a game in a men's league professional game. In their initial encounter Friday, Ms. Borders' intense pregame stare sent the veteran reporter into retreat.

"She had her game face on. I saw her in the locker room, and I didn't say anything to her. She looked at me like I was a hair in her soup," Wallace said.

Ms. Borders, who plays for the minor league Duluth-Superior Dukes, is the first pitcher to take the mound for a men's pro team, the first to start in a men's pro game and the first to win one. She got the win late last month.

The day after Friday's stare-down, Wallace finally got his interview with Ms. Borders, who apologized for her intensity the previous night.

"Things like this make it a little tough to concentrate," Ms. Borders said. "If you knew my personality, I'm quiet and I like to keep to myself. (The sudden media attention) has been the tough part."

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