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Injured by a car crash, Michael Giovanetti knew help was just 100 feet away. Trouble was: that short distance might as well have been 100 miles.

Stuck in the twisted wreckage of his car at the bottom of a steep hill, Giovanetti endured four days in sultry heat before managing to crawl out of the wreck and drag himself up the hill despite a head wound and broken ribs.

Giovanetti, 39, lost control on a patch of gravel Aug. 11 while trying to get onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike, shooting across the pavement and over a guard rail. His car launched into the air and landed about 100 feet down a steep, boulder-strewn hill, state police said.

By the morning of the fourth day, Giovanetti realized no one would come for him. Weakened, he dragged himself backward, crab-like, up the steep hillside, gripping rocks in his fists to protect his hands from broken glass.

When he finally made it, Giovanetti was too weak to even pull himself over the guard rail. He lay on the side of the road, waving futilely at passing cars and trucks until Good Samaritans in a beat-up sedan pulled over to help.

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