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I am outraged by President Clinton, who has been able to perpetrate a fraud on the American public. He has degraded the presidency and the White House.

I am outraged that Attorney General Janet Reno, driven by her loyalty to Clinton, has kept the truth about the Chinese fund-raising/U.S. missile technology issue from the American public.

I am outraged that Clinton's infidelity; lack of regard for women, especially his wife and daughter; and clever spin to cover up his actions are now looked at as acceptable behavior.

Kenneth Starr, a decent, respected individual doing an incredibly tough job, has been smeared in every possible way by the Clinton camp.

I feel sad that, according to the polls, the majority of the population has lowered its standards to the point that it is all right for its highest officials to act wantonly and lie when it's convenient.

Elizabeth Bowen Buffalo

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