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How well do you know your Muny history? See what your net results are by choosing the correct answers below.

1. This Tulane University star was a standout Muny Open player in the early 1990s: (a) Paul Dombrowski (b) David Russell (c) Neil Simon (d) T. J. Klier.

2. Which of these following all-time Muny greats never won a Muny Open singles title? (a) Jack Sunderland (b) Jimmy Arias (c) Rev. Bob Hetherington (d) Mike Albano.

3. This former UB track star once ran the 100-yard dash in 9.8 seconds in college. He is a top junior veteran (35-over) player today: (a) Jerry Slater (b) Mike Stritchfeld (c) Mark Szafnicki (d) Eldred Stephens.

4. This hard-hitting groundstroker played a superlative three-set final against Nwachukwu in last year's Muny Championships: (a) Rich Rocchio (b) Don Schwake (c) Rob Gregoire (d) Julius Morris.

5. Last year's Muny women's open singles champion was (a) Bridget Merrick (b) Dena Baritot (c) Jenny Schneider (d) Kelly Brown.

ANSWERS: 1-c 2-b 3-d 4-a 5-d

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