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All My Children: A surprise witness shattered Brooke when he read a letter he had received from Jim. Alfred Vanderpool showed up with some important evidence, as Trevor tried to turn the tide in favor of Brooke. Jake walked in as Allie and Palmer were negotiating, but Palmer managed to convince Jake that his actions were legitimate. Mike prevented Jack from seducing Erica. Dixie stopped Lee, who was about to take off with Junior. Stuart reported Marian as a missing person. Lee tried to make people believe that Marian had taken off for South America, but in his haste, he left the mausoleum door open. Coming: Lee commits a heinous act.

Another World: A mysterious young man named Zak encouraged Lila to have a positive attitude. When Matt and Sofia faced problems with Billy Rush, Zak was there with a solution. Nick discovered that Remy has been keeping a file on him, and asked Chris to gather information about her. Cameron and Amanda managed to catch a stolen moment together when Scott was briefly out of the picture. The Boca Lynda police arrested Gary, and a worried Josie headed there to offer help. Marley sabotaged Jake and Vicky's family camping trip. Coming: Amanda tries to get away from Scott.

As the World Turns: James blamed Lucinda for David's disappearance and threw Molly out of David's suite. No one realized that David was alive and had just emerged from the forest. Julia defied Carly's attempt to intimidate her, but soon found herself in grave danger. Emily doctored footage of Margo and Eddie to make it look incriminating, then arranged for it to be aired on a competing TV station. Georgia was moved to learn that Samantha is paying for her medical expenses. Ben admitted he destroyed the church. Coming: James intends to make Kirk and Sam pay.

Bold and Beautiful: Brooke was stunned by the news of Amber's pregnancy and offered her support to Rick. Erica, furious at Rick's news, questioned him as to whether Rick is even the father of the child. Rick assured Eric that the baby is his, but he was unaware that Amber had just been told by Raymond that he didn't use protection when they made love. Grant wanted Macy to fulfill her desire for motherhood by having a baby with Thorne after he dies. Mike offered to help Sheila break out of jail if she can come up with a plan. Coming: Pierce responds to Taylor's daring challenge.

Days of Our Lives: Wanting nothing to do with Taylor, Nicole made her promise not to tell anyone they're sisters. Bo was tormented over the possibility that the swamp girl could really be Hope. Meanwhile, Ms. Faversham promised her support while Hope rediscovers her life as Gina. Furious over Sami's restraining order concerning Will, Lucas vowed to get revenge. Austin realized that Franco has been messing around with a stripper and confronted the uneasy would-be groom about calling off the wedding if he has any doubts. Coming: Lucas regrets giving in to temptation again.

General Hospital: Luke saw through Laura's denial that she had slept with Stefan, who was found not guilty. Luke had a tense encounter with Lucky as he said his goodbyes, leaving the club in Jason's hands. Later, an explosion rocked Luke's. Brenda demanded that Veronica provide an explanation for the past. Ned came to the rescue when Luther didn't turn up for the L & B launch party. Mac listened to Robin's candid comments and said he'll try to accept Jason. Justus blurted to Monica that he killed Damian. Coming: Jax confronts Jerry.

Guiding Light: Vivian tried to get Vicky together with a reluctant David. Annie sent a message to Alan stating that she won't be found until she's ready to be. Mick told Drew he's setting Jesse up for a fall. Eleni wasn't comfortable about Frank working with Teri. Dinah was furious with Sean for keeping her away from Hart and Cassie. As Blake threatened to keep lying about the rape, Ben cautioned her with some threats of his own concerning her past. Coming: Josh tries to get Reva out of her shell.

One Life to Live: Jessica's attempt to help Will deal with the secrets he learned backfired when they ended up getting arrested. Kevin was infuriated by Todd's answers to his questions. Tea and Kevin conspired to expose Todd, by planning to stage a sexual encounter that he would walk in on. However, Kevin was unaware that Cassie was en route to the penthouse. Bo adapted to his job at Buchanan Enterprises and schemed with Asa to get the Sun away from Todd. Dorian and Lindsay teamed up. Coming: Barbara makes use of a letter.

Port Charles: Kevin rescued Lucy in the woods, but quickly pointed out that he's not going back to her. To please Serena, Scott allowed Eve to visit at the firehouse, but pulled away from their possible closeness and blasted Eve for causing Serena to suffer. Mary didn't hide her feelings when she saw Karen wearing the heirloom ring Joe had given her. Frank discovered that Lark has been visiting Greg Cooper, who's a patient at Concorde. Victor planned to infiltrate the asylum to keep an eye on Cooper. A drugged Frank grabbed Courtney and they made love. Coming: Lucy learns something about Eve.

Sunset Beach: Tim read the back of a photo he found in Annie's scrapbook, and realized that Dana is actually Maria. Meanwhile, Dana began to get her memory back and was drawing a sketch of Ben as Meg arrived for a visit. Casey and Sara shared a kiss before they were rescued, only to be plagued by reporters about Melinda's compromising photos. Michael became deathly ill with Martin's syndrome and Vanessa offered a skin sample to help Tyus create the cure, which made Virginia aware that Vanessa really is infected. Coming: Olivia finally has the goods on Annie.

Young and Restless: Diane gave a wonderful performance on "The Leanna Love Show" that would likely have a big impact on Victor when it airs. Nina accepted Chris' invitation to a party, but wound up laughing over the fact that all the single men there were ridiculously unsuitable. As Veronica threatened Nikki at gunpoint, Cole realized that Veronica is Sarah and alerted Victor, who rushed to the stables. A shot was fired, Nikki screamed, and Veronica fell to her death. Jill told John he could move to New York with Billy, knowing that she's tied up with her plans to get the Chancellor estate. Kay questioned Esther about a man who was measuring rooms in her house. Coming: Tony wonders if Grace still has feelings for Nick.