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It's said that one of the tightest sisterhoods on Earth is female Harley-Davidson riders, and Saturday a group of about 30 of them proved that by pitching in to paint a disabled friend's West Seneca home.

Nancy Krygier of Cheektowaga led her fellow "Ladies of Harley for Wyoming County" to 36 Norwood Drive to wield brushes, putty knives and spackling to repaint Marge Jordan's home. Ms. Jordan, 48, used to be a nurse at Our Lady of Victory Hospital in Lackawanna until she injured her spine trying to help a 300-pound patient into bed. She continued working as a nurse, doing lighter duties for the next 13 years, until pain finally sidelined her in 1994.

"Now I have a pair of rods in my spine and have had my vertebrae fused, so bending is impossible," she said. "I can do a lot, but chores like lawn-cutting and painting are beyond me." And paying to have someone paint her family home, one of the original 75-year-old buildings on the street, is beyond her budget.

Ms. Krygier, who works for M&T Bank when not riding, is a friend of Ms. Jordan's sister, Louise, and eight years ago bought a motorcycle from Marge Jordan, which is when she befriended the nurse, as well.

"Our late father was a Harley rider," Marge Jordan said, "and I had a smaller motorcycle I bought to learn on. Nancy bought it from me, then graduated to a Harley, herself."

Ms. Krygier used to date a motorcyclist who was acquainted with the "HOG" -- Harley Owner's Group -- of Wyoming County. Although that boyfriend is history, her passion for riding is not, and she joined the "Ladies of the Harley," a sort of female auxiliary to the larger Wyoming County HOG club.

"The ladies are people with big hearts," Ms. Krygier said. "We like to help people."

The Ladies meet on the first Saturday of every month at the Varysburg Hotel on Route 20-A to do group rides through the countryside. Members come from Alden, Cheektowaga and Elma, as well as Wyoming County, she added.

For this project, they solicited paint and materials from friendly merchants and put in the afternoon on Saturday applying the materials to the Jordan home.

They were joined by Assemblywoman Sandra Lee Wirth, R-West Seneca, who, Ms. Jordan said, has been instrumental in helping her cut through the red tape to get a Social Security hearing for possible disability benefits.

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