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The Bridge Centre, 2371 George Urban Blvd., Depew, will have club championships at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

The center conducted club level North American Pairs competition much of the week with the results in percentages.

Verna Walker celebrated her 90th birthday Wednesday by tying for first at the Delaware Wednesday Night Bridge Club with her partner, Kay Renshaw.

Duplicate Scores
B&P Shannon Pub Monday morning -- North-south, Thelma Ker and Jane Yates, 108.5; Sally Housemann and Melvin Braun, 86, possible 168; east-west, Donald Vincent and Peg Rieker, 106; Anna Wallens and Josephine Giordano, 79.5, possible 168.

B&P Shannon Pub Monday -- Trudy Manaher and George Bills, 66.5; Mary Ehrlichman and Melvin Braun, 58.5; Adam Dzimian and Richard Czarnecki, Mary Ehrlichman and Melvin Braun (tie), 58.5; Jeanne Grimmer and Olga Lockwood, 57, possible 108.

Bridge Centre Monday morning -- North-south, Selma Levine and Jeanette Michenzi, Betty Fudeman and Bill Bascou (tie), 59.23; Gisela Brown and Lettie Vona, 50.3; east-west, Pol Akman and Renzo Renzoni, 56.35; Jack Miller and Al Haber, 54.5.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- North-south, Sue Bergman and Art Morth, 66.67; Rita Pawelczyk and Paula Weiser, 45.77; east-west, Betty Luschenat and Dan Foley, 58.93; Chet Fell and Bill Schneidan, 55.95.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- Larry Doherty and Jo Giordano, 72.43; Faith Perry and Ed Borosky, 63.88.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- North-south, John Kilmer and Joe Branconi, 131; Howard Foster and Andy Holt, 106.88; east-west, Saleh Fetouh and Jim Matths, 148.5; Mary Jo Crone and Bob Feasly, 114.

Bridge Centre Wednesday morning -- Meg Klaump and Joan Rose, 60.62; Dot Brenner and Dorothy Rupp, 52.24.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- North-south, Dorothy Boyd and Kevin Gervase, 61.1; Betty Bronstein and Sue Bergman, 53.57; Shirley Lyth and Donna Steffan, 48.49; east-west, Jay Levy and Buddy Seidenberg, 68.87; Bob and Brad Maude, 58.76.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning -- Selma Levine and Louise Mink, 57.08; Pat Lancaster and Faith Perry, 55.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- Jutta Lewkowicz and Sam Aswad, 60.78; Bernire Lewkowicz and John Barone, 49.01.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- North-south, Eleanor Barret and Cajeta Ciola, 59.63; Jeanne Gladysz and Lorraine Ciautta, 54.95; east-west, Waudell Punter and Pete Bulger, 69.84; Christy Kellogg and Jerry Geiger, 61.81; Dorothy Ducato and Andrew Paplow, 49.42.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- Dr. Vidi and Jim Scott, 96; north-south, Jeanne Gladysz and Donna Steffan, 90; east-west, Trudy Manaher and Harry Meyers, 94; Judy Graf and Claire Garelick, 86.5.

Bridge Centre Saturday morning -- North-south, Selma Levine and Corky Dye, 104; Ann Edwards and Eleanor Wright, 91; east-west, Meg Klamp and Betty Fudeman, 113; Lorna Brewer and Graham Philpott, 76.5.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Audrey Phillips and Pat Burns, 129; east-west, Harry Chewng and Liz Clark, 120.5; possible 216.

Clarence Senior Center-- North-south, Berta Brown and Jeanette LeGrand, 55; east-west, Mary Bosard and Gene Carlozzi, 60.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Verna Walker and Kay Renshaw, tie, Beverly Dale and Ann O'Connor, 72.5; east west, Al and Thelma Ker, 83; possible 140.

East Aurora Wednesday -- Dorothy Shorts and Roseann Stoklosa, 71.5; Pat Cohn and Norma Williams, 63.5; possible 108.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- North-south, Bruce Gillies and Don Vincent, 129; east-west, Bob Horanberg and Howard Turner, 131; Jack Wolf and Frank Belz, 105, possible 216.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday -- Audrey Adams and George Bills, 30.75; Peg and Bill Rieker, 26.25, possible 48.

Margaret McCarthy Friday -- North-south, Gerry Fried and Buddy Seidenberg, 62.5; Lori and Brian Meyer, 56.48; east-west, Kevin Gervase and Joe Branconi, 60.53; Mike Ryan and Paul Orosz, 51.59.

Tots Center-- North-south, Mel Ferris and Chuck Wolff, 117.5; east-west, Norm Fitzsimmons and Jack Gibbons, 142.5; possible 180.

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