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This letter is in regard to the comment made by Henry Jones about Dan Brandenburg, "That guy can run for a white guy." Does this statement imply that if you are white (or not black), then you are slow? If it does, then the logically equivalent statement (contrapositive) is "if you are fast, then you are black." Doesn't that statement imply that blacks are athletically superior, and didn't a well-know sports commentator lose his job because of a similar statement?

Maybe Brandenburg should go to the bizarro world and find Johnnie Cochran's bizarro equivalent. That way he would assuredly win any lawsuit by just using the "race card."

All I'm trying to say is that black people seem to blame every misfortune on their race and tend to blow every incident out of proportion. You won't see the white people in an uproar over Henry Jones' comments, but if the shoe were on the other foot. . . . well, maybe a riot would break out.

I'm sure that this letter's contents will be taken too seriously and ruffle somebody's feathers.

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