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Buffalo's not the windiest city in the country, but it breezes right past THE Windy City and does make the Top 10 gust list.

"Buffalo, number ten on the list, is still well ahead of any other Great Lakes city," said National Weather Service meteorologist Thomas Niziol, of the Buffalo weather office.

Niziol and colleagues Thomas Paone and Patrick O'Hara are doing a study of "non-convective wind events" that bring gusts of more than 50 mph to this area.

That mostly involves large-scale late fall or winter storms, rather than the convection-driven thunderstorms of summer.

"One of the reasons we are one of the Great Lakes' windiest cities is our location downwind of Lake Erie," Niziol explained during the Seventh U.S./Canada Great Lakes Workshop on Operational Meteorology here this month.

"The lake itself is oriented along the prevailing winds for the late fall and winter months, and the lake tends to channel the winds," he explained.

For the record, Buffalo's 10th-place ranking among the windiest U.S. cities in winter places it well ahead of Erie, Pa., at 23rd, and Cleveland, at 33rd.

Chicago? It didn't even make the list.

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