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I have been following the story of the two Chicago boys, ages 7 and 8, who are charged with sexually assaulting and killing an 11-year-old girl for her bicycle.

It's interesting to note that the community is telling everyone who will listen just how good the boys' parents are. I'm sure they're right. I cannot imagine how children that age could think of ways to silence this little girl by putting her panties in her mouth and shoving grass and leaves in her nostrils and then molesting her.

In an Aug. 12 News article, Robert Schwartz, executive director of the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia, said that young children "clearly don't have any sense of the finality of death," and stated that "the average second-grader is watching 'Barney.' " All Schwartz has to do is go to the local theater and see just how many parents are taking their second-graders to see movies filled with graphic violence and sexual molestation.

I have seen the look on the faces of these children when they leave, and they all look as though they are going to Grandma's to play with a puppy. This type of thing doesn't faze kids anymore because they see these actors again in other movies and they're all alive and well.

Our society has to come to terms with the movies that are being shown and convince the lawmakers of this country to do something about it. Many parents take their kids to see R-rated movies and rent even more for entertainment at home.

We must somehow convince the moviemakers to start creating cinematography that does not show graphic gore and sexual exploitation. I'll bet if the police investigate the films that the parents have allowed these two boys to watch, they will have the real reason for this tragedy.

Jerry Galey Hamburg

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