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A family values group urged its members Friday to complain to the CBS television network that condom advertising slated to appear on shock jock Howard Stern's new television show touts sex as a sport.

American Family Association spokesman Buddy Smith, whose group represents conservative Christians, told Reuters it plans to monitor all commercials on Stern's program and write letters to corporate advertisers urging them to pull their spots.

"We were not surprised to learn that Stern was going to encourage this kind of advertising," Smith said. "It looks like the message is going to be a little bit different than in the past. They've moved away from even presenting it in the context of safe sex and are making a recreational sport out of it."

Smith said he had not seen the ads that feature LifeStyles condoms made by Ansell Personal Products, but he knew they were contrary to values his group espouses.

"They want to make a recreational sport out of it (sex)," he said. "They want to make it lighthearted and bring some romance into their advertising for condoms."

Smith said the American Family Association would not support the condom ad campaign.

"Our message is not a safe-sex message at all," he said. "We believe that the only safe sex is abstinence until you are married, and after you are married to remain monogamous to your marriage partner, That's the only really safe sex that exists."

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