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John Jaycox, a crack-addicted alcoholic and church burglar, will spend about two decades in prison before he is likely to get out and return to his ecumenical endeavors, a judge said Friday.

Rebuking Jaycox for beating and permanently maiming a now 83-year-old female church worker while stealing $400 at Christmastime two years ago, Erie County Judge Timothy J. Drury said he is "almost positive" the veteran burglar will stage another burglary, "probably at a church," when he gets out.

Noting Jaycox, 30, waited only six weeks after burglarizing the Grace Parkridge United Church of Christ on Hewitt Avenue on Dec. 10, 1996, before he burglarized a Mormon tabernacle on Goodell Street, Drury ordered him to serve consecutive prison terms totaling 3 and one half to 20 and one-half years.

Drury, who last Feb. 26 imposed a three and one-half to seven year prison term for the January 1997 burglary of the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints at 145 Goodell, added another definite term of 17 years in prison for the attack on Dorothy Scharra and made it consecutive.

Drury, noting Jaycox had been convicted of four Buffalo burglaries since 1987 and spent brief terms in prison for two earlier Buffalo church burglaries, told him "You pose a continuing problem to this community."

Drury told Jaycox, currently an inmate at the Wyoming Correctional Facility, that Ms. Scharra uses a cane, is periodically dizzy and her left hand is "permanently disfigured" because of the beating Jaycox administered.

Deputy District Attorney Christopher J. Belling said Jaycox drunkenly came into the Grace Parkridge sanctuary about 9:30 a.m. Dec. 10, 1996 as Ms. Scharra was counting a Sunday collection.

Jaycox asked Ms. Scharra if there was any work at the church, and when she told him she would take his name and talk to church officials he began to assault her and stole money, spending some on crack cocaine, Belling said.

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