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Recently the Kenilworth Fire Department in the Town of Tonawanda held its annual fund drive. In May, letters were sent to residents of the district asking for contributions to help defray the cost of equipment, supplies and training not covered by our tax dollars. In July, the firefighters visited the homes that had not responded.

I was shocked to hear from several firefighters, my brother included, that people often would not come to the door, even when they were sitting in full view. At other homes, the door was slammed in their face after an abusive tirade of what the fire company can do with its fund drive. In one case, someone literally gave "his two cents' worth." This is appalling. Most people think nothing of spending money to decorate their homes, build additions or plant beautiful gardens, all of which would be lost in a fire. If they gave $5 to their local fire companies to assist with the purchase of fire equipment or training, there might be fewer fire-related accidents and lives lost.

These people voluntarily risk their lives to help us when there is a fire, car accident or gas spill. I think it is fortunate for those described above that the volunteers do not write down addresses and refuse to respond when needed. If people don't give during these drives, they might find themselves without volunteer firefighters.

Rev. Deborah J. Baxter Town of Tonawanda

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