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"What's in your Sub-Zero refrigerator?" asked Allure magazine. "Like the Gabor sisters -- two orchids and a salami," answered your Liz.

The magazine prints this and other celebrity responses in its September issue. They got some good replies, although Gloria Vanderbilt told them, "Come back when you have a more philosophical question!"

Speaking of Allure, for the first time in any magazine, it is providing actual makeup samples on the editorial pages. (What will media watchdog Steve Brill think of this for honesty in journalism? He is already "after" the women's magazines for boasting editorially of advertisers.)

Nothing stops the 76-year-old Franco Zeffirelli, once a protege of Italy's greatest film director, Luchino Visconti. Zeffirelli has made his own mark in the world, and now he has just wound up lensing some of the most wonderful actresses extant (Judi Dench, Lily Tomlin, Maggie Smith) in a story about his own early life in pre-WW II, "Tea With Mussolini." This also starred the irrepressible Cher. Zeffirelli will do post-production in London and spend some time trying to persuade Dame Maggie to return to the stage in a Pirandello classic that he wants to direct.

Go and catch Natascha McElhone in the new big screen action adventure "Ronin," starring Robert De Niro, Jean Reno, Sean Penn and Jonathan Pryce. And after you watch this beautiful babe, you may as well know that when asked whom she'd like to be stuck with in an elevator -- Natascha selected Leo Tolstoy, born in 1828.

Tolstoy adored women. He and his wife had so much trouble domestically because he always wanted sex and she didn't that in his very old age, at 82, he ran away from home and died in a Russian railway station.

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