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The garden full of scraps,
Hoof tracks over the muddy grass,
Eyes glowing yellow from the woods.
But the buck deer is gone. The
Uneaten squash buried in patches of
Carrots. Fawn deer staring from the misty woods. The
Killed scraps of turkey -- scattered but not eaten.
Dark sky, dark woods,
Every animal is asleep.
Everyone but the
Rummaging buck deer.
-- Kenny Proper


I wish I could speak in pencil
And everything ever said could be written down.
I could fix it, change it.
A gigantic eraser could protect me
And shield the world.
If only I could have it --
But I can't.
My world will continue in pen
Which no white-out can cover.
I'm sorry if I hurt you.
-- Nena Taylor


It takes courage to be what you want to be
It takes courage to get by, can't you see
It takes courage to be who you are today
It takes courage to get up and walk away
It takes courage and that's all I have to say
-- Jessica Coons


rain, raining, wind, winding, cat, catting
splash, splash, whoosh, whoosh, purr, purr.
gray day, a glorious gray day
the sky is falling and so are the clouds.
still, but yet a cool breeze is flowing,
flowing down from the heavens in through the skylight and all
through the room shut up by winter
and freeing the spring.
tiptoe up the steps from the landing on the staircase,
black and white paws on the soft gray rug --
pausing to hear the pitter patter rhythmic pattern of the
splattering smatterings of sky that are
falling, falling, falling
swoosh of the tail, light hop to the desk,
wincing when hearing the front door slam
three floors down.
whiskers examining dust on the sill,
observing with wonder the calm of the scene,
catting about making no noise at all.
eyes catch a movement through the coating of rain:
blurry birds smearing across the sky,
flying so low -- but so far away
from the point in the house closest the sky.
the only thing moving the gray skylight shade cord,
slapping against the natural wood frame,
through which can be seen
blurry bare branches,
welcoming --
almost --
-- Anna Kristin Brady

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