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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending March 20.
Vacant Land--Broadway, Dorothy Schaller, Francis Burkhardt to Robert Kent, $44,000.

11946 Broadway, River Street Industries Inc. to Robert Kent, $100,000.

117 Springville Ave., Timothy Roth to David Roth, $27,000.

69 Meadowlea, Michael Brown, Suzanne Brown to Michael Rossow, $62,000.

29 Rankin Rd., Brian Dowd, Elizabeth Dowd to Brian Januszkiewicz, Ann Januszkiewicz, $216,000.

195 Culpepper Rd., Donald Dantino, Anita Dantino to Robert Seward, M Seward, $122,500.

127 Marion Rd., Joseph Herman, Tina Herman to Karen Marino, $71,900.

20 Dappled Dr., Khai Lui to Robert Koss, Jennifer Koss, $140,000.

206 Washington Highway, Lawrence Lubick, Margaret Lubick to Michael Kelley, Dana Kelley, $115,000.

75 Stahl Rd., John Patti, Dana Patti to Brett Vaughan, Barbara Morris, $82,700.

27 Forest Stream, Dale Wittig, Lila Wittig to Steven Bernstein, Elizabeth Morath-Bernstein, $95,000.

435 Third Ave., Laurene Elbers to Angela Zwirecki, $72,000.

54 Pine Lake Dr., John Moshides, Suzanne Moshides to Martin Owen, Janice Owen, $276,000.

156 Bernhardt Dr., Richard Morgan, Carolyn Morgan to Phillip Ganze, Kelley Ganze, $90,000.

130 Groton #3, Dwight Coords, Heather Kuruvilla to Richard Morgan, $54,250.

238 Oakbrook Dr., Matthew Czamara, Sharon Czamara to Lee Zack, Jeffrey Zack, $128,000.

10 Eagles Trace, Jeffrey Zack, Lee Zack to Albert Bammert, Gloria Bammert, $173,000.

170 Campus Dr., Sigmund Dory, Laura Dory to B Echols, $77,900.

4567 Main St., Jerome Scherer to Richard Scherer, Margaret Scherer, $210,000.

250 Ayer Rd., David Hancock, Barbara Hancock to Julie Mikler, Michael Faulise, $97,000.

41 Insbrook Ct., Marine Midland Bank to Michael Sliwa, Amy Sliwa, $163,000.

17 Burgundy Terr, Richard Bator, Angeline Bator to Kevin Pilon, Tracey Pilon, $109,500.

258 Fairways Blvd., Adrienne Keller to Richard Bator, Angeline Bator, $110,000.

25 Blacksmith Dr., Federal National Mortgage Association to Jerry Shorthouse, $188,000.

257 Dan Troy Dr., Doris Scheur to Martin Scherrer, Joyce Scherrer, $239,900.

16 Silver Maple Ct., Michael Michlovich, Lucia Michlovich to Michael Israel, Herma Armstrong, $201,000.

201 Meadow Spring Lane, Mark Kovel to John Atkins, Ellen Atkins, $138,000.

257 Getzville Rd., Monte Sheinberg to Gerald Pietrzyk, Debra Pietrzyk, $83,500.

356 Lakewood Pkwy., Providian National Bank to Claudia Jaramillo, Patricia Jaramillo, $58,000.

30 Colonial, Brad Carbaugh, Lori Carbaugh to Katherine Cleary, William Ross, $112,000.

541 Girard Ave., Esther Cadwell to David Schmitt, $58,000.

7 Ravine Ct., PC Development Corp. to Gregory Friess, Susan Friess, $47,500.

V/L Nye Hill Rd., PC Development Corp. to Judy Weidemann, $40,000.

Bos 36 8/7 , Robert Mekeel, Debra Mekeel to George Kenyon, Coleen Kenyon, $128,000.

332 Fox St., Dan Andrews, Zola Andrews to United Companies Lending Corp., $20,391.

19 Lansing, Joel Carter to William Dockery, $20,000.

939 Prospect Ave., Federal National Mortgage Association to Hiram Rivera, $7,500.

28 Ardmore Pl., Mary Muse to David Mathewson, $75,900.

29 Oakmont, Elizabeth Patillo-Buckner, Elizabeth Raynor to Michael Threat, $63,000.

56 W Oakwood Place, Cynthia Sisson, Cynthia Sawicki to Jonathan Sirkin, Robin Sirkin, $78,500.

54 Domedion Trust, Freda Zimmerman, Cornelius Zimmerman to 54 Domedion Trust, $13,500.

169 Huntley Rd., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Naomi Wooten, $72,000.

68 Highgate Ave., Rickey Knight to Joyce Shamburger, $60,000.

216 Rounds Ave., Series Bankers Trust Co. to Charles King, $21,000.

126 Koester, Ihor Moroz, Christine Moroz to Adam Lein, $44,000.

26 Bennett Village Ter, HUD, Federal Housing Commissioner to Russell Hayes, $11,557.

252 Connecticut St., Caroline Bellomo to Louis Bellomo, $22,000.

115 Pries Ave., Frank Russillo, Ellen Russillo to Frank Russillo, $13,000.

12 Eighteenth St., Patrick Connelly to Elba Alicea, $16,000.

276 Avery Ave., James Liolios to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $69,000.

111 19Th St., Robert Sommerville to Keybank National Association, $22,600.

131 Ivy St., Ahmed Abozeed to Mamadou Traore, $18,000.

1180 Bailey Ave., Edwin Rossy to Keybank National Association, $41,902.

14 Lowell Pl., Ahmed Abozeed to Mamadou Traore, $22,000.

195 Columbus Ave., Mary Gallivan, M Westerholt to Joseph Finnegan, $53,500.

163 Shoshone, Peter Duffy to Sheila Obrien, $106,500.

41 Woodside Ave., James Gosciak, Joan Gosciak to Gerald Tuzzo, Linda Tuzzo, $62,000.

1360 Kenmore Ave., Kenneth Harris to Charles Bordonaro, $27,000.

44 Pleasant Pl., James Salter to Annie Jackson, $5,500.

663 Grant St., Paul Dentico to Bernard Mayflower, Gerald Hertel, $27,500.

260 Taunton Pl., Alfonzo Calabro, Brenda Calabro to Charles Battaglia, $74,500.

270 Lincoln Pkwy., Guy Carpenter to Philip Frandina, Mary Frandina, $173,500.

304 Winslow, Leslie Crittenden to First Union National Bank of North Carolina, $33,570.

231 Suffolk St., Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority to Antionette Ayers, $87,406.

121 Wilkes Ave., Richard Corbetta, Philomena Corbetta to Arthur Burgess, $31,250.

8 Norway Park, Shirley Sapp, Shirley Sapp-Burgess to EMC Mortgage Corp., $19,056.

652 Norfolk Ave., Ronald Sessamen to Darryl Holmes, Henry Parker, $7,000.

287 Hoyt St., Michael Plague to HUD, $30,481.

45 Roslyn St., Stanford Vales to PNC Mortgage Corp. of America, $56,702.

16 Gold St., Peter Evaldi to Michael Sawulak, $44,000.

49 Mariner St., Carol Feneziani to Adam Frankenstein, $48,000.

291 Weimar St., Frank Malinowski, Patricia Malinowski to The State of New York Mortgage Agency, $68,509.

490 Normal Ave., Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co. to Calvin Carter, $15,000.

293 Ontario St., Erie Development Inc. to Brent Husack, Scott Kienzle, $42,000.

36 Kamper St., Holly Obrien to Federal National Mortgage Association, $40,500.

21 Summitt Ave., Mary Duggan, Francis Duggan to George Burnett, Christina Burnett, $105,000.

227 Suffolk St., Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority to Gregory Collins, $97,684.

233 Prospect Ave., Robert Maranto to Buffalo Neighborhood Revitalization Corp., $18,000.

461 Stockbridge, Katherine Ricketts to Lillie Bratton, $39,900.

82 Roma Ave., Leonard Costrino, Joanna Costrino to Rodney Sensor, Palma Sensor, $30,000.

183 Ashley St., Nicholas Cortese to Gloria Shell, $30,000.

43 Mayer Ave., HUD to Deborah Wiltrout, $14,000.

55 Highgate Ave., Helen Fiedler, Bertha Fiedler to Dorothy $72,000.

66 Wright Ave., Arthur Owens to The Secretary of HUD, $55,034.

638 Hopkins St., Edward Powers to Sibley Mortgage Corp., $34,774.

46 York St., David Hetherly to HUD, $44,210.

32 Susan Lane, Timothy Wellenzohn, Nancy Wellenzohn to Dennis Pappas, Karen Pappas, $68,000.

23 Belmont Ave., Richard Fontana, Linda Fontana to Ronald Ross, Donna Bermel, $63,000.

2583 Main St., Austin Bank of Chicago to The Randall Benderson 1993-1 Trust 092293, $48,000.

188 Grant St., Louis Mazzitelli, Dolores Mazzitelli to Carmen Mambrino, $14,000.

451 Gold St., Paul Gorczynski to Donna Bristol, $25,000.

14 Milford, Phyllis Hassey to Lawrence Kowal, $54,000.

302 West Tupper St., Charles Buscemi to Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp., $41,600.

592 Genesee St., Musaid Abuhamra to Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp., $29,000.

2787 Main St., St. Francis Geriatric & Healthcare Services to Clare Apartments Housing Development Fund St., $450,000.

121 Claremont Ave., Charles Nagel to Federal National Mortgage Association, $78,022.

30 Marigold Ave., Joseph Rollerson to Secretary of Veterans Administration, $8,122.

61 Gatchell St., Donald Emert, Betty Emert to HUD, $46,295.

246 Prospect Ave., BHD Properties Co. Inc. to Michael Barker, Kathryn Barker, $99,015.

91 Hagen St., HUD, Federal Housing Commissioner to Clarita Wood, Nancy Wood, $15,000.

135 Milburn St., Paul Harenza to The State of New York Mortgage Agency, $44,229.

478 Stockbridge Ave., Lilton Kelley to HUD, $58,058.

57 Reservation, Veronica Sokol to Thaddeus Pajak, Florence Pajak, $32,000.

72 Lombard St., Jeanne Heinrich to Donald Williams, $11,000.

406 Busti, Shirley Such to John Nelson, $20,000.

230 Lasalle Ave., City of Buffalo to Daniel Glushefski, Harriet Zionts, $40,000.

406 Goethe St., Ja Zumar of Western New York Inc. to Mark Wingerter, Kelly Wingerter, $62,000.

434 Northumberland Ave., Mary Banks, James Banks to Nationsbanc Mortgage Corp., $13,000.

63 Hawley St., Timothy Cansdale to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $34,000.

905 Delaware Ave., 905 Delaware Avenue Associates Inc. to Anthony Piccione, Lucinda Kennedy-Piccione, $119,441.

1085 Kensington Ave., Kensington Business Institute to My Brothers Keeper Child & Family Service, $195,500.

41 Kendale Dr., Robert Seward, M Seward to Alicia White, $63,000.

15 Westland Ave., William Sanfilippo to Gary Kozak, Darlene Woodruff, $78,000.

40 Nardin Dr., Charles Sciandra, Michelle Sciandra to Josephine Sciandra, $70,000.

79 Bonita Dr., Catherine Fitzpatrick to Lynn Meek, Adele Meek, $63,000.

57 East End Ave., David Shaver to Dorothy Ceniceros, $44,000.

25 Maria Lane, Josephine Baumann, John Baumann to Brett Willitt, Carrie Willitt, $79,900.

47 Huth Rd., Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to HUD, $100,023.

172 Boll St., Mary Bolognese to Theresa Gretch, $40,000.

74 Aris Ave., Irene Florek, Joseph Florek to Robert Ghirsig, Barbara Ghirsig, $60,000.

142 Verrn Lane, Donald Krasczyk to Patrick Zakrzewski, Joanne Zakrzewski, $96,000.

31 Cloverdale, Donald Hutchinson to Robert Hutchinson, James Hutchinson, $62,000.

198 Wagner St., David Kazmierczak, Joanne Kazmierczak to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., $36,720.

13 Vernon Dr., Robert Hogan to Richard Boccio, Anna Boccio, $62,000.

51 Airview Terr, Stephen Setlock, Mildred Setlock to Michael Todoroff, Linda Todoroff, $65,000.

189 Rosewood Ter, Lucian Przywara, Sheila Boudinot to Robert Bevan, $67,000.

120 Kemp, Joseph Mitchell, Melinda Mitchell to John Ford, $70,900.

507 Roycroft Blvd., Anthony Luczak, Janice Luczak to Albert Jafarjian, Stacey Jafarjian, $110,000.

160 Cayuga Rd., Charles Jackson, Shirley Kaczanowski to John Farino, Wendy Farino, $50,000.

150 Vern Lane, Irene Januale, Irene Kwiek to Diane Waddell, $36,800.

82 Lemans, Wang Revocable Trust 122790 & 120792 to Dante Pimpo, Gail Gronowski, $103,000.

161 Briarcliff Rd., Thomas Binda to HUD, $110,390.

111 Rowley Rd., Joseph Gutowski, Serina Gutowski to Maryann Setter, $70,000.

22 Old Farm Ct., Frederick Bauer, Sharon Bauer to Scott Bauer, Deborah Bauer, $130,500.

5063 Eastbrooke Pl., Kent Affholter, Gretchen Affholter to Wayne Caldwell , $200,000.

8083 Greystone Ct., Highland-Kieffer Farms Inc. to NVR Homes Inc., Ryan Homes, $39,500.

8855 Sheridan Dr., Neal Destefano to Elroy Goodyear, $150,000.

5090 Thompson Rd., Gay Galante, Gay Ball to Francis Sausen, Kari Saterbo, $163,000.

6186 Blossom Ct., Barry Chubb, Kathleen Chubb to Jerome Diekmann, Janet Diekmann, $202,000.

9517 Lakestone Ct., Spaulding Lake Properties Ltd. to David Magnano, Barbara Magnano, $60,000.

8080 Floss Lane, Jon Luther, Sharon Luther to John Moshides, Suzanne Moshides, $427,500.

9835 Greiner Rd., Raymond Dion to Ellen Tagliarino, Joel Castlevetere, $135,000.

9705 Rocky Point, George Miller, Charlene Miller to Andrew Geisse, Jane Geisse, $758,000.

8372 Clarence Lane Ct., Raymond Foglia, Cecilia Foglia to Frederick Bauer, Sharon Bauer, $183,000.

Seneca Brook S#1, Douglas Naylon, Colden Land Development Co. to Italo Besseghini, Janet Besseghini, $75,000.

13755 Sisson Hwy, Sally Castillo to Kyle Frank, Jacqueline Frank, $67,000.

112 Elm St., Robert Kaczmarek, Linda Kaczmarek to Ronald Kaczmarek, Laura Kaczmarek, $70,000.

3173 Hickox Rd., Betty Kirsch, William Borchert to Albert Raro, Gail Raro, $21,000.

Zenner Rd., Nyle Henry, Dorothy Henry to Jerome Hazlett, $25,000.

7620 Seneca St., DD&D Machinery Inc. to Tycoma, $69,000.

830 Rice Rd., Raymond Ping, Mildred Ping to Joseph Cavanaugh, Therese Cavanaugh, $80,000.

1091 Bullis Rd., Michael Boll, Rene Boll to Robert Reis, Michelle Dahl, $124,000.

43 Esther Dr., Edward Hohensee, Elaine Hohensee to Jeffrey Mcdonough, Deeanne Callisto-Mcdonough, $168,000.

371 East Pleasant Ave., Michael Rohde, Tami Rohde to Wade Toy, Sheila Barrett, $25,000.

6878 Schuyler Dr., Robert Betker, Judith Betker to HUD, $57,118.

1076 Old Eden Evans Ctr, Jacqueline Scott to Gregory Pudlewski, Sharon Burnett, $26,250.

207 Woodstream Dr., Robert Weadver to Phillip Rotella, Deborah Rotella, $20,662.

2810 Fix Rd., David Nitkowski, Heidi Nitkowski to Anna Krauser, $55,000.

975 Enola Rd., John Mcdonald, Christine Mcdonald to Heather Lonberger, $67,000.

128 Driftwood Dr., Robert Spencer, Jaclyn Spencer to John Mcdonald, Christine Mcdonald, $106,500.

132 White Tail Run, Vinay Das, Kavita Das to Patrick Igoe, $180,000.

15 Spicer Creek Run, Alan Elia, Sarah Elia to David Ryskoski, $209,000.

75 Lakeview Dr., Ranjit Mulgaonkar, Dana Mulgaonkar to Thomas Feeney, Paulette Feeney, $285,001.

4266 Tisbury Lane, Berkley Square of Hamburg Inc. to John Mucheck, Marjorie Mucheck, $126,950.

4733 Edgewood Dr., Evelyn Delamater, James Delamater to Janice Watters, $110,000.

S4870 Chapman Pkwy., John Schultz to Kathleen Fiegl, $84,050.

3678 South Hill Rd., Carol Longbine to John Hilliard, Marcy Hilliard, $78,000.

171 Pierce Ave., Alan Galac, Mary Galac to Colleen Cullen, $69,500.

6091 South Park Ave., Bartholomew Horrigan to John Pitarresi, $15,700.

101 S Main St., Petroleum Sales & Service Inc. to Harold Gibson, $120,000.

58 Colony, Thomas Horbett, Patricia Horbett to Stanley Carwile, Karen Carwile, $90,000.

60 Vandenberg Ave., Hey Brothers Properties Inc. to Mary Schlemmer, $88,850.

312 Enchanted Forest N, Walnut Creek Joint Venture to Capretto Enterprises Inc., $27,500.

22 Chestnut Corner, Windsor Ridge Partners to Michael Andriaccio, Joanne Andriaccio, $225,900.

41 Richmond, Stanley Ptak, Teresa Ptak to Doreen Ermin, $74,900.

25 Fisher Rd., Robert Gawel, Mary Gawel to Jacqueline Piotrowski, $78,000.

29 Reed Ave., Michael Cullen, Cheryl Cullen to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $44,959.

11053 Stolle Rd., Charles Burrows, Sandra Burrows to Mark Dolegowski, Yvette Dolegowski, $140,000.

3727 Two Rod Rd., Cheryl Slesinski, Cheryl Larivey to Brenda Krzystofik, $33,000.

Barnum Rd., Irene Smith to Beth Dumke, Todd Kendzierski, $44,000.

208 East Ave., Donald Schultz to Charles Frey, $65,000.

6 Sunrise Ave., Robert Finger, Linda Finger to Homer Warden, Rita Warden, $132,900.

5258 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Daniel Monin to Charles Croce, $75,900.

63 Park Pl., Edward Spiesz, David Spiesz to David Spiesz, Carol Spiesz, $44,500.

34 Metzger Dr., Jack Koch to Kevin Gallivan, Mary Gallivan, $129,900.

6877 Scherff Rd., Richard Rusert, Donna Rusert to Mark Regoord, Jennifer Regoord, $178,000.

3 Poplar Ave., Ann Krone to Charles Starinsky, Patricia Starinsky, $156,000.

V/L Angle Rd., Mary Heppner, Frank Heppner to West Seneca Rotary Foundation Inc., $20,706.

E Abbott Grove, Lydia Trevett, Ray Trevett to Daniel Rogers, Constance Rogers, $27,600.

249 Fox Meadow Dr., Victor Liberatore, Lena Liberatore to Edward Sirianno, Gracene Sirianno, $300,000.

5725 Scherff Rd., Daniel Wantuck to Lynn Friel, Edward Friel, $79,000.

6290 Powers Rd., John Feist, Linda Feist to Terry Culp, Joanne Culp, $121,000.

150 Norwood Lane, Forbes/Pino Alto Partnership to Brian Weibel, Paula Weibel, $249,900.

43 Henning Dr., Walter Durling, Catherine Durling to Lori Carbaugh, Brad Carbaugh, $147,000.

12249 Olean Rd., Rte 16, Judith Carmody to Kenneth Schmitt, $257,000.

Rte 39 V/L, Anthony Clabeau to Thomas Crelly, Linette Crelly, $20,000.

364 Utica St., Joseph Nowak, Rose Nowak to Florentyna Gorny, Wieslaw Konieczka, $61,000.

37 Eugene St., Paul Havens, John Havens to Denise Power, $40,000.

307 Fletcher St., John Wilcox, Christine Wilcox to Timothy Stalker, $25,500.

62 Palmer Ave., Joan Brinkworth to Daniel Seely, Joy Glover-Seely, $50,000.

146 Fowler Ave., Dawn Corbett, Douglas Corbett to Francis Oneill, $68,800.

3255 Delaware Ave., Robert Krol to RJ Gullo Properties Inc., $215,000.

458 Traverse Blvd., James Brophy, Joan Sealy to David Daum, Tracy Daum, $83,450.

619 Harrison Ave., Brian Banas, Nancy Banas to Jonathan Hayek, $89,000.

92 School, Lynne Clinton, James Clinton to Jean Masse, Rose Masse, $72,000.

386 Two Mile Creek Rd., Annette Osinski, James Iannello to Richard Fontana, Linda Fontana, $75,000.

28 Hamilton Blvd., Barbara Gerace to Consumer Discount Co. Inc. Associates, $71,215.

310 Montrose Ave., Charles Trudel, Celeste Trudel to Todd Critoph, $81,000.

21 Palmer Ave., Lillian Paluch, Henry Paluch to WDS of Buffalo Corp, $50,000.

135 Wrexham Ct., So, Mildred Brossack to Mary Calladine, $78,500.

693 Ellicott Creek Rd., David Eaton, Stephen Mercurio to Russell Giordano, $158,000.

215 Knowlton Ave., Edward Tagliarino to Samuel Burruano, $43,500.

152 Fayette Ave., Goldie Ward to Mary Giamo, $86,500.

1120 Niagara Falls Blvd., Deluca Enterprises Inc. to Haven Hospitality Inc., $675,000.

660 Indian Church Rd., Alden State Bank to Michael Barren, Sharon Barren, $102,000.

2 Elwood Dr., Shirley Davies to Neil Buckley, Donna Buckley, $75,000.

29 Delray Ave., Andrew Satyshur, Mary Satyshur to Rudolph Chandler, Sandra Chandler, $75,000.

77 Smallwood, Ruth Occhino, Philip Occhino to Mark Mcginley, Gina Mcginley, $117,000.

29 Carla Lane, NVR Homes Inc. Corp., Ryan Homes to Christian Miggiani, Tricia Miggiani, $105,500.

35 Carla Lane, Carl Bueme, Adam Radolinski to NVR Homes Inc., Ryan Homes, $23,475.

35 Carla Lane, Ralph Pignataro to NVR Homes Inc., Ryan Homes, $7,825.

Cedar Ridge Dr., John Barvian, Carol Barvian to Linda Brown, Bruce Brown, $7,000.

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