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As an educator, I often discuss topics of national and local interest with students. Many times, an article in The Buffalo News prompts such discussions. I am, however, dismayed at your decision to offer no articles on the NCAA women's basketball tournament on the same day you printed six separate articles on the men's tourney.

Is it possible that you find nothing of interest in women's basketball? Furthermore, do you believe that your readers have no interest as well? If my discussions with students are any indication, you have grossly underestimated the public's interest in women's basketball.

In this time of constant bemoaning the greed in athletics, I think many people would welcome the less-corrupted venue offered by women's basketball. Competition, skill and emotion are what draw people to spectator sports. Women's basketball has an abundance of all three, but from reading your paper one would barely know that a tournament was taking place. Where else could you find the only two undefeated teams in Division I basketball (Tennessee and Liberty) facing each other in a tournament. And, with two professional leagues and the recent Olympic gold medal, the interest in women's basketball has never been higher.

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