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American League

East: 1. New York. 2. Baltimore. 3. Toronto. 4. Boston. 5. Tampa Bay.

Central: 1. Cleveland. 2. Detroit. 3. Chicago. 4. Minnesota. 5. Kansas City.

West: 1. Anaheim. 2. Texas. 3. Seattle. 4. Oakland.

Wild card: Baltimore.

League champion: New York.

Most Valuable Player: 1. Derek Jeter, New York. 2. Tim Salmon, Anaheim. 3. Juan Gonzalez, Texas.

Cy Young: 1. Andy Pettitte, New York. 2. Pedro Martinez, Boston. 3. Mike Mussina, Baltimore.

Top manager: 1. Terry Collins, Anaheim. 2. Joe Torre, New York. 3. Buddy Bell, Detroit.

Rookie of the year: 1. Ben Grieve, OF, Oakland. 2. Rich Butler, OF, Tampa Bay. 3. Magglio Ordonez, OF, Chicago.

Ready to Emerge: 1. Shannon Stewart, OF, Toronto. 2. Mike Cameron, OF, Chicago. 3. Mike Sweeney, C, Kansas City.

National League

East: 1. Atlanta. 2. New York. 3. Florida. 4. Montreal. 5. Philadelphia.

Central: 1. Houston. 2. St. Louis. 3. Milwaukee. 4. Pittsburgh. 5. Chicago. 6. Cincinnati.

West: 1. San Diego. 2. Los Angeles. 3. Arizona. 4. San Francisco. 5. Colorado.

Wild card: Los Angeles.

League champion: San Diego:

Most Valuable Player: 1. Jeff Bagwell, 1B, Houston. 2. Ray Lankford, OF, St. Louis. 3. Mike Piazza, C, Los Angeles.

Cy Young: 1. Kevin Brown, San Diego. 2. Greg Maddux, Atlanta. 3. Ismael Valdes, Los Angeles.

Top manager: 1. Larry Dierker, Houston. 2. Buck Showalter, Arizona. 2. Bruce Bochy, San Diego.

Rookie of the year: 1. Travis Lee, 1B, Arizona. 2. Mark Kotsay, OF, Florida. 3. Kerry Wood, Chicago.

Ready to Emerge: 1. Jose Guillen, OF, Pittsburgh. 2. Andruw Jones, OF, Atlanta. 3. Brent Brede, OF, Arizona.

Last year Sullivan went out on a limb and correctly picked Ken Griffey, Jr. as American League MVP. On the other hand, he picked St. Louis to win the World Series and they finished 73-89. His pick to win the World Series this year is San Diego.