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All My Children: Marian fainted upon learning that she had slept with Stuart, not Adam. Ryan appealed to Erica for more money, unaware that she was on to his scheme. While Scott still intended to marry Gillian, she and Ryan had trouble fighting the sexual tension between them. Brooke discovered that a life insurance policy had been taken out on her and Edmund. Trying to help, Dimitri gave Brooke a gun. Although the doctors saw no improvement in Mateo's condition, he was shown to have moved his hand. Jack comforted Erica after she performed a painful and difficult task regarding Bianca. Coming: Edmund's situation becomes grave.

Another World: Vowing to bring in whoever really started the fire in his home, Joe teamed up with Jake and Gary, broke into Grant's apartment, and retrieved an incriminating tape. Vicky, desperate to get Lila to drop the civil suit against Jake, made a deal with her. Amanda was taken by the sight of a handsome jogger in the park. Nick and Sofia argued when she learned that he quit his job. Rachel confronted Carl about his hiring a new chauffeur, leading Felicia to believe that Rachel is starting to distrust Carl. Coming: Grant intends to regain the upper hand.

As the World Turns: Barbara abruptly rejected John's suggestion regarding the adoption, and filed for divorce. At the Oakdale carnival, Margo and Jack pursued a drug dealer, leading to an exchange of gunfire. Sam and Kirk renewed their wedding vows. After David won his lawsuit against Lily, he announced that he's changing his surname to Stenbeck. David led Molly to believe that he would be her benefactor, and they made love. Unexpectedly, Lucinda showed up at Molly's door. Coming: Molly has to think fast.

Bold and Beautiful: C.J. covered for Amber by telling everyone that the accident was his fault. Rick needed a transplant when his kidneys failed. When none of the Forresters was found to be a compatible donor, Amber, who was compatible, offered her kidney as a way to get past her guilt. Rush tied up Jonny and set out to take over his brother's life with Lauren. Ridge blew up at Thorne for keeping Thomas' paternity a secret from him. As Thorne battled back, the argument intensified and Taylor tried to keep the brothers apart. Coming: Rick's family awaits the outcome of the transplant.

Days of Our Lives: After learning from Marlena that Laura admitted to being at the Blake house on the fateful night, Abe decided to reopen the case of Kristen's death as a possible homicide. Craig Wesley, a friend of Mike's from medical school, decided to run against him for the position as Chief of Staff. Maya agreed to help Susan escape from the sultan. Meanwhile, Edmund was concerned by the phony Susan's unusual behavior. Eric was hired by Sami to photograph Nicole for a test project that Sami hoped would impress Kate. Coming: The evidence points to Laura.

General Hospital: Katherine, about to learn the truth from Stefan, was aware of his continuing preoccupation with Laura. Sarah found out that Audrey had also been raped, and urged her to tell Liz. As Lucky rejected Luke's overtures of peace, Luke realized that he must tell everything to Laura. Lucky later approached Helena with a deal, an encounter that stunned Luke. Jason tracked down a very ill Robin, along with Tony and baby Michael, at the cabin. Mac and Felicia found a file on Jax, which could implicate the Quartermaines. Coming: Luke tries to round up his own allies.

Guiding Light: The Reva clone realized that her growth pattern isn't normal and demanded answers, which Josh painfully started to reveal. Rob resisted Dinah's attempts to sever her ties to him. Aware that she is not alone on the island, Reva finally encountered the individual she had been seeking. Beth resisted Harley's appeals to help her trap Carl, leading a furious Phillip to take matters into his own hands. Alan was shown to be involved in the crisis involving Carl, Beth and Harley. Coming: The clone's identity has a shocking effect.

One Life to Live: Blair impersonated Kelly with Ian's lawyer, but risked being found out when the attorney was about to meet the real Kelly. Tea made a decision about her future after she and Andrew gave in to their mutual passion. Carlotta stunned Hank, who was about to propose, by saying that she wants to break off their relationship. Jacara, entreated by Max, found the videotape in R.J.'s apartment and gave it to him. As he and Jacara watched the video, Max saw that the twins were alive. He then angrily confronted R.J. Coming: Dorian and Blair join forces.

Port Charles: Grace and Bobby were injured in the shoot-out and were rushed to the hospital, where Bobby died of his injuries. Matt's father lashed out at him over Bobby's death, and later stunned Matt with the news that Chris had set him up. Eve, Joe and Karen broke into the lab to steal back the research data. Chris found out about their plan and tattled to Bennett, who caught Eve red-handed. Lark became involved in an intimate relationship with Jake, but during their encounters, she fantasized about Frank. Coming: Matt demands answers from Chris.

Sunset Beach: Derek, Ben's evil twin and the real killer, manacled Ben to the warehouse wall, intending to assume Ben's identity and do away with Meg. Derek threatened to kill Meg immediately unless Ben reveals the passwords to his bank accounts. Gregory blamed Olivia for their son's death, and a distraught Olivia washed down sleeping pills with champagne. When Annie came on to Gregory, he surprised her by pulling her into a kiss. Sean grew suspicious when he spotted Annie with Brock. Vanessa dreaded telling Michael about her disease. Coming: Ben tries to stop his brother.

Young and Restless: Arriving at the ranch, Jack found Nikki wounded and Josh dead. Nikki's sister Casey flew in to be with her. Meanwhile, Veronica destroyed the disguise she had used as Sarah and rented a motel room in Genoa City. Sharon asked Doris if she and Cassie could stay with her because of Nick's anger about her ties to Cassie. Michael tried to convince Chris that he's changed in order to elicit her help in regaining his law license. Ryan received his divorce decree. Nina first encouraged Phillip to visit with Ryan, but that came to an end when Tricia turned up, ready to move in with him. Coming: Dru takes a big risk by keeping secrets.