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I would like to give credit to the Sabres' disorganization for pulling off a miracle. Last summer, they attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of everybody in the city. Thanks to bandwagon fans and a recent winning streak, they're getting away with it.

First, they unload "coach of the century" Ted Nolan like a second-class citizen and explain it as being due to his disagreements with John Muckler. This explanation never made sense, because Muckler was fired anyway. Then there was the LaFontaine incident. Now, they've credited Dominik Hasek for reducing their negative publicity and given him a new contract for it. It's too bad everybody seems willing to buy it. While satisfying Hasek, they are destroying the overall morale of the team.

Matthew Barnaby has been trashed by the media for his recent trade request, but what he did is no worse than what Hasek did last spring, and Hasek was quickly forgiven. Barnaby should be rewarded, not traded.

If anything, wouldn't Hasek owe it to his team and forgiving fans to drop his grudge with Nolan and restore the heart in this team?

True Sabres fans -- not the 14,000 or so buying tickets -- can only hope that John Rigas will see through this management propaganda and get this sorry franchise back on the right track.

Giving Nolan the chance he deserves would be a great start.
Fort Erie

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