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Upstate: Downbound explains the scope and the causes of upstate New York's economic malaise -- and how the region can engineer its own rebound.

The stories will appear as follows:

TODAY: The decline's depths.

MONDAY: Poor leadership, an anti-business attitude and huge taxes shut upstate out of the job growth other regions attract.

TUESDAY: Outrageous electric utility rates strangle businesses.

WEDNESDAY: Upstate loses its wealth and talent.

THURSDAY: A weaker work force hinders high-tech growth.

FRIDAY: Foreign trade hurts more than it helps.

SATURDAY: Proof that there is hope.

Upstate: Downbound is based on a computer analysis of reams of federal data. Job statistics, which come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are annualized averages of total monthly employment for each metro area. Business growth, population, tax and government spending statistics come from the U.S. Census Bureau.

News Washington Bureau correspondent Jerry Zremski interviewed more than 150 New Yorkers -- from those on the unemployment line to Gov. Pataki -- for this series.

Zremski and News staff photographer James P. McCoy traveled across the state, and to Florida and Wisconsin, to report and illustrate the series. Washington Bureau assistant Andrew Dylan contributed to the research.

Jerry Zremski's e-mail address is: