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Thanks to The News for once again writing a story designed to try and convince us that teachers make too much money. I did notice something new in this story -- the chart comparing teacher salaries with those of other professionals. Even though the table artificially inflated a teacher's weekly salary by basing it on a 45-week year instead of a 52-week year, it still demonstrated that teacher salaries are at or below the salaries of most other comparable professions.

The next time The News does a comparison, it should incorporate some changes to make it more accurate. 1) At least two surveys have concluded that the average teacher spends approximately 2,000 hours per year (the equivalent of 50 40-hour weeks) teaching and/or preparing to teach. 2) The median teacher salary reflects several more years of service than does the average salary of the other professionals. 3) Teachers do not have the opportunity to "climb the ladder of success" because teaching is the top of the educational ladder.

For these reasons, the next comparison should: 1) Base the weekly teacher salary on 52 weeks as with other professionals. 2) Use a teacher salary that is based on fewer years of service than that of the median salary. 3) Compare teachers only with the salaries of other professionals who have reached the top of the ladder. Such a chart would portrait a more accurate comparison.

Rick Crandall Great Valley

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