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I would like to respond to The News' March 15 editorial. When I first heard that New York State was going to implement a new law requiring signs at discharge points of wastewater-treatment plants to inform the public about polluted discharges into waterways, I was perplexed that those discharges would be considered pollutants.

As a state wastewater-treatment plant operator, New York requires all wastewater-treatment plant operators to obtain a license, after extensive schooling, to learn how to take a polluted waste stream and make it into a clean, useful water source. These operators pride themselves in the fact that they are attempting to clean up our environment. Wastewater operators rarely get a pat on the back for the job they do and are the first to feel the heat when something goes wrong.

As for the new law, it is an affront to my profession, especially in view of the fact that the treatment plant's effluent pictured in the editorial is cleaner than the creek it discharges into.

James H. Supon Angola

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