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It's great news for travelers that AirTran Airlines is now flying to Florida and will soon be offering flights to Atlanta, with connections to dozens of other destinations.

Our market is in desperate need of competition in order to bring the cost of flights down to a reasonable level.

My wife and I recently flew AirTran non-stop to Orlando, and it was an extremely pleasant experience. Best of all, we were able to avoid chaotic mid-winter connections in another city and went door-to-door, Buffalo to Orlando, in two-and-a-half hours. The cost was $245.

Buffalo has a beautiful new airport. Now all we need are competitive fares.

The major carriers aren't going to budge on their prices until they sense the competition is starting to take their share away.

If smaller airlines can make it here, then maybe we'll get some much-needed relief. Let's give these low-cost carriers a try.

William M. Collins Buffalo

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