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Thirty-one years ago, William Morley Dorsay took a walk in a Vancouver, British Columbia, park with his month-old son in a stroller. When he returned home, the baby, covered head to toe in blankets, was dead.

Doctors attributed the death to sudden infant death syndrome. But incriminating comments Dorsay allegedly made to a state trooper three years ago prompted Canadian police to reopen the case. They concluded the infant was suffocated.

Now Dorsay will return to Canada to face murder charges in the death of his son, David.

In a hearing Wednesday in federal court in Seattle, Dorsay, a 51-year-old car salesman, waived extradition and agreed to return to Vancouver.

Dorsay's marriage broke up soon after the baby's death, and he moved to the U.S. side of the border. In 1995, a trooper in the Seattle area was filling his gas tank one night when Dorsay approached and confessed to killing the baby, said Vancouver Detective Al Cattley.

The trooper took Dorsay to a police station, but Dorsay wouldn't say anything more.

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