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As a reunited adoptee for 24 years, I was touched by the story of Ray Ranic's search and reunion with his siblings. This was made possible by a judge who opened the adoption records because he wanted to see this family reunited.

Yet Ray's story is not much different from those of other adoptees. Behind every sealed adoption record is a story unique to itself, but equally touching.

All who are adopted should have access to their adoption records. Then the choice of whether to search is merely a choice, not an agony of suppressed wonders and fears for decades. Adoptees shouldn't have to wait until their adoptive parents are deceased before they begin searching. This waiting only adds to the tension.

Opening sealed records is not a threat to adoptive parents. Their role as parents is notbeing questioned. Sealed records are a violation of the civil rights of every adoptee. We all have personal and heartwarming stories to discover, but sealed records keep us from finding them.

Joan Wheeler Buffalo

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