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Gov. Lawton Chiles urged Florida lawmakers Wednesday to tighten gun control, saying the Arkansas school shooting proved that "in the hands of an 11-year-old, guns kill people."

Speaking before a display of handguns, Chiles called on state lawmakers to close a gap in state law that allows gun shows and flea markets to sell guns without requiring a waiting period.

Currently, Florida law requires a three-day period for the purchase of a handgun from a licensed dealer. The law, however, excludes purchases made at flea markets and gun shows, where dealers can be unlicensed and are not required to conduct background checks or require a 72-hour waiting period.

Police say I-95, the interstate highway connecting Miami to many of the major cities on the U.S. East Coast, is a major conduit for guns and drugs.

In November, Florida voters will vote on a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow Florida counties to enact stricter laws.

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