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"It's never the cheater that goes to hell; it's always the person they cheated on," says Kathy Bates in "Primary Colors," which has a fantastic screenplay by the genius Elaine May.

I think this Mike Nichols film, based not-so-loosely on Joe Klein's novel, which is based not-so-loosely on Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign, is one of the best movies ever made. The emphasis on true Southern behavior is incredible. (Nichols claims one of "Primary's" co-stars, Billy Bob Thornton, had a lot of input.)

Kevin Costner's next film, "Message in a Bottle," may have a change in its locale. It was supposed to lens on Tangier Island in Virginia, but city fathers there are said to have rejected the movie, due to scenes of drinking, fornicating and much consumption of demon rum. Now Warner Bros. is checking out Cape Cod.

Matt Damon is being hotly pursued to become Calvin Klein's next billboard boy, posing in his skivvies. I don't think this will occur. "Good Will Hunting's" Damon has established himself as a serious actor/screenwriter, and it is unlikely he'd go the underwear route. Still, it is always flattering to be wanted.

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