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I drive a truck for a delivery parcel service and use the eastbound Thruway each morning, Monday through Friday. As I approach the exit for the 290, most of the traffic from the left lane starts to merge to use that exit. Even if there are hundreds of yards of open space behind me, most drivers want to get in front of my truck. At that point, they have to brake to get into the exit lanes, cutting me off. I fear that one of these days, I will hit one of these vehicles in the rear, in a scenario similar to what happened recently on the Niagara section.

It takes longer to stop even a fairly small truck, like the one I use, than it does a car. I can't understand why drivers refuse to get behind me and make a safe exit from the Thruway. Too many wait too long before moving into the center and right lane to make a safe exit. Some are busy talking on cell phones or drinking coffee. But others put themselves in jeopardy with their aggressive and sometimes thoughtless driving. Drivers should think ahead and give trucks the space they need so that we all make it home safely.

DENNIS T. LEADER Cheektowaga

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