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Most teens are completely kitchen-illiterate. Their parents do the cooking, so kids think they can get by without this essential skill.

For the most part, this assumption is correct, but what about when no one is home to cook, or when you go off to college and Mom can't make you her famous home cooking? To solve these problems, turn to "Clueless in the Kitchen," by Evelyn Raab.

This is a sensational book designed especially for teen-agers. It takes the sometimes tedious and difficult art of cooking and transforms it into a clear, entertaining process. This is accomplished through the use of humorous, but sometimes corny, writing.

This book covers all the basics, such as learning to read a recipe, essential kitchen equipment and how to purchase, store and cook different foods. It also tells the reader how to trouble-shoot certain kitchen problems.

"Clueless in the Kitchen" has more than 200 delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes. I was impressed with the variety and types of dishes. Every recipe is coded -- for example, Cheap, Vegetarian or Company food. There are dishes for every occasion, dishes for sitting on the couch watching television and dishes made to delight family and friends. With all its satire, this book conveys the seriousness of proper kitchen hygiene and safe food preparation methods.

With its humorous and informative style of writing, "Clueless in the Kitchen" is entertaining to read and should be to countless teens the bridge to mastery of the kitchen.

Christopher Wan is a sophomore at Williamsville South High School.

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