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I am very distressed by the lack of critical analysis on the part of the media regarding the Clintons' curious behavior with respect to the Monica Lewinsky predicament, as well as the public's apathy over the gravity of the charges.

Many people are saying that Clinton's sex life is his personal business and does not affect us. I beg to differ. Clinton's alleged womanizing jeopardizes his ability to lead, and also vaults individuals such as Lewinsky into positions of undeniable power. She now holds the power to compromise and bring down the president. What if Lewinsky were an enemy spy? Audiotape excerpts suggest that the president was involved in indiscreet "pillow talk." Such actions could compromise our national security.

I am equally distressed by the accusations being made by the first lady. As a member of the bar, can she accuse others of being part of a "far right-wing conspiracy"? I think Mrs. Clinton's implications are egregious. Not only should she lose her license to practice law, but the public should question her bristling arrogance and cavalier attitude in making such irresponsible comments.


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