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I read with interest the article on the Village of Sloan budget and the comments of former mayor Adeline Sicignano. As a retired member of both administrations, I believe I am qualified to judge their respective effectiveness. In my opinion, the new administration has been far more dynamic, in a much shorter time, than the old one. In the 10 months since taking office, Mayor Kenneth Pokorski has begun a municipal gas and electric utility initiative, created a new playground and instituted a village investment strategy.

He also motivated the village to be the first community to issue a termination notice to obtain more favorable garbage-disposal rates, automated the village offices and gave a full tax exemption to veterans on their property taxes. None of these programs was initiated by the previous administration. These initiatives have either saved funds or made the village a better place to live.

I saw no difference in the handling of the budget process between the two administrations. In fact, Pokorski was even more conservative than the previous administration in attempting to underestimate the amount of carry-over. But even this strategy could not remedy the financial problems he inherited. I am tired of Ms. Sicignano's constant whining to the newspapers. She should accept the fact that she lost the election and stop insulting the current administration.

Tony Sisti Sloan

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