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Athina Roussel, 13, heiress to the Onassis fortune, toured the Acropolis Sunday, weathering a media blitz. Her father is battling for control over management of the inheritance.

It the girl's first visit to Greece since 1995. She had spent only 17 days in the country since the 1988 death of her mother, Christina Onassis, the daughter of international shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

She lives in Switzerland with her French-born father, Thierry Roussel, who scheduled the trip to build goodwill in his fight with Greek trustees overseeing the estimated $600 million fortune, which Athina inherits on her 18th birthday.

Roussel said he wanted "to show Athina that in Greece we have friends, we have family and not to leave her with the bad impression" because of the legal feud. Court hearings on a slander lawsuit the Greek trustees filed against Roussel are scheduled to begin next month.

Roussel, also a trustee board member, is seeking more accountability from the other trustees, whom he has accused of mismanaging the estate.

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