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Terry Anderson seems to have hit a new low in his scurrilous denunciations of Israel. Recently, he focused on a legal case that involves the attempt of an Israeli Arab citizen to reside in a Jewish settlement. This attempt has been met with some resistance from his potential neighbors.

Mr. Anderson seized upon this incident to equate the idea of a Jewish state with racism. He seems to be employing a double standard here. Not one word appears about the racism inherent in the regular use of Holocaust denial and blood libel canards by those associated with the Palestinian Authority. Nor does it seem to matter to him that Jews have been slaughtered in, expelled from and denied most rights in Arab countries surrounding Israel. Anderson also does not mention the thousands of Israelis slain by terrorists simply because they were Jews. Apparently none of this strikes him as racist.

This Israeli Arab citizen will have an opportunity to redress his grievance in the Israeli Supreme Court. When was the last time an aggrieved Jewish citizen of a surrounding Arab country received such an opportunity? Why is it that of all the countries plagued by ethnic conflicts, he singles out Israel for repeated attacks?


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